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Blogger Highlight: Pick up Limes

Paislee here! When I started my journey to a healthier, plant based life style there were quite a few internet bloggers and vloggers that really helped me stay motivated and passionate about living this way. I would like to highlight one of those bloggers right now. (PS. none of this is sponsored, this is truly just highlighting the people that helped me on my journey)

Meet Sadia Badiei. She started her blog Pick Up Limes and quickly expanded to vlogging, and now has a brand new e-book out! She is such a gentle soul and is fun to read and watch. She is a Dietitian who has lots of background in helping individuals in hospitals (including children) and works with multiple of private clients who have concerns about multiple different health problems.

Sadia's blog includes so many awesome resources, recipes, and nutritional advice. Her YouTube channel is also full of awesome recipes and tips about eating plant based. Even though she was a huge resource for me when I first started my vegan journey, I still love watching her videos and reading up on her blog. Sadia is still and inspiration for me. Go ahead and check out the links below and see all the amazing information Pick Up Limes has to offer!

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