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Blogger Highlight: Simply Quinoa

Paislee here! When I started my journey to a healthier, plant based life style there were quite a few internet bloggers and vloggers that really helped me stay motivated and passionate about living this way. I would like to highlight one of those bloggers right now. (PS. none of this is sponsored, this is truly just highlighting the people that helped me on my journey)

Say hello to Alyssa Rimmer! What an amazing young woman she is! She seriously inspires me to this day. I don't miss a single video she puts up on her YouTube channel. Alyssa also writes amazing content on her blog Simply Quinoa.

Alyssa is a certified Holistic-Nutritionist who is passionate about food. She has a similar story to mine, where she took out all the junk out of her diet and became amazed by the outcomes. It is her literal full time job to bring you great health information and AMAZING recipes. I have made so many of her recipes and they inspire me to create great recipes for you, here at MLV.

Please check her out! (Links below)

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