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Gen Z says what???

We thought you might want to smile today! We found this article from and LOVE it!

This study was done by BOL Foods (a plant based food brand) and they found that almost half of people in Generation Z (24 years old or younger) find being vegan is "cooler" than smoking. This definitely brought a smile to our faces.

Please remember here at MLV, we try really hard to give real scientific based information for you to make the best choices you can. So please take this post with a grain of salt. We are unsure of where BOL Foods got their pool of study participants which can definitely throw their outcomes.

Either way, as long as there is some validity to this study, More or Less Vegan is so glad to see youth be more open to a lifestyle that can improve their health (plant based diet) and less interested in a lifestyle that leads to cancer and death (smoking). You go Gen Z!

Article Below:

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